Managed WordPress Hosting

Our super-fast servers deliver up to 30% quicker load times.

Our servers are hosted by Google Cloud, guaranteeing premium availability and one of the world’s fastest networks.

Your site is automatically backed up every night and our security plug-in runs 24/7 protecting your site from common hacks, brute force attacks and malware.

Our client control panel is easy to use, giving you complete control.

Super-fast Technology

Our Google Cloud platform, powerful caching technology and ultra-fast PHP set up will ensure your site loads quickly every time.

Powerful Client Portal

Our client portal is easy to use giving you complete control over your website and email configuration.

Security First

Every hosting plan includes a free SSL certificate, 24/7 monitoring and powerful email filtering.

Flexible Pricing

We have 3 levels of hosting - start-up, growth and dedicated. If you need to upgrade, we take care of any migration and most of the time we can avoid downtime to your website or email.